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Loving this bold black&white print from featured artist patternbase! It’s called ‘Dahlia’ and you can grab it here: #nailart #nailwraps #nailswag #print #pattern #appliq

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Lisa Frank 💅🎨💕 #handpaint #nailart #BritneyTOKYO @michelleholderby @bubzlashroom (at Clumsy Cats)

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Swimming Pool Nails inspired by @stephstonenails

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Colorful grid using all @rgbcosmetics colors

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Gingham Man at the Helm book inspired nail art, read more on my blog

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The stone on the right is a high quality Ethiopian Opal stone… I will now be offering authentic stones to your nails dependent upon what you desire or need in your life! OPAL: Balance stone. Absorbs energy whether positive or negative. Used in emotional and spiritual healing. I also just ordered hematite, tigers eye, jade, turquoise, black onyx, and amethyst. Birth stones soon to come as well! #nailswag #nails #nailart #nailartclub #swag #LA (at NAIL SWAG)