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Floral forever

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Jewel toned stained glass effect!

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Want the Easter chicks on your nails?  Here’s a handy dandy tutorial! 

  1. Start off with a base coat of a yellow polish of your choice.  I picked the pastel Mary Kay Lemon Parfait
  2. With a white polish and a nail art brush, create the “crack” of the egg by drawing a chevron in the middle of the nail. This does not have to be perfect since a cracked egg is not perfect!
  3. Fill in the bottom half of the nail with a white polish.
  4. With an orange polish and a nail art brush, draw on the little beak.
  5. Create the eyes using a medium sized dotting tool.
  6. Decorate your egg!  I decided to do little pastel dots!  Finish off with a top coat!
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I have wanted to do chevron nails FOREVER, but I always had so many concerns about them. Such as – Isn’t this going to be complicated and messy? But then I received these promising stencils from one of my favorite nail brands, Sticky Nails. At first I was skeptical, but they are brilliant!
Easy Gold and Teal Glitter Chevron Nail Art

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The mani from yesterday’s tutorial using @essiepolish ‘Love every minute’ and ‘got engaged’

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Abstract sunset over the ocean? Day 3 of nail art a go go challenge!